Additional Business Development Experience

Development partnerships

Negotiated Ayerst relationship with Moleculon for transdermal estrogen patch development

Key member of negotiation and governance team for Millennium with Paion for development of LDP-519 (proteasome inhibitor) for stroke

Key member of negotiation and governance team for Millennium with Xoma for CAB-2 development for use during CABG to lessen inflammatory response and prevent events and neurological damage

Key member of Millennium governance team with partner Taisho for LDP-977 (leukotriene antagonist) use in asthma in Japan

Negotiated Merck relationship with Baxter Delivery Systems for development of 12-hour premix IV bag for Aggrastat administration

Negotiated Geppetto Avatars relationship with IBM Watson to develop prototype Parkinson's Disease program with avatar interface to Watson unstructured NLP capabilities

Discovery partnerships

Led team managing Aventis relationship with Millennium in inflammatory disease covering combined 380 researchers (FTEs) working in RA, IBD, asthma, COPD and MS

Initiated and played key role in negotiations for pharmacogenomics relationship between Genaissance and Millennium


Led team reviewing broad base of inflammation and CV in-licensing opportunities for Millennium to expand inflammation and CV franchises (e.g., Nuvelo (alfimeprase), Inspra (eplerenone, Pfizer)

Negotiated and managed in-licensing of software rights for international drug data files from First Data Bank for use by Merck international managed care pilot projects (CPC)

Led negotiations for in-licensing of fish oil supplement from Jahres Fabrikker (Norway) for Ayerst OTC marketing

Led Ayerst negotiations for in-licensing of atrial natriuretic factor from California Biotechnology


Key member of team for negotiations and agreements by Ayerst for international out-licensing of tolrestat (aldose reductase inhibitor) to partner companies including Recordati and Chiesi Farmaceutici, S.p.A. (Italy), Lövens Kemiske Fabrik and Novo-Nordisk (Denmark), Daiichi and Otsuka (Japan), Boehringer-Mannheim and Göedecke (Germany), Dispersa (Switzerland), and Astra (Sweden)

Consulting advisory engagement for On-Q-ity (Oncology diagnostics) to Out-license DNA REpair biomarkers

Clinical trial investments

Conceptualized and implemented beacon registry project with cleveland clinic to evaluate patterns of care in management of 70,000 acute myocardial infarction patients across 30 sites

Completed enrollment in occult-mi study to evaluate new 80-lead ecg technology

Initiated and negotiated nearly $200 million in clinical trial investments in cardiovascular disease and infectious disease

In CV, investments included TARGET, TATAMI, TIGER-PA, and FASTER for Aggrastat, and EARLY ACS, TITAN, CABERNET and ADVANCE-MI for INTEGRILIN

Negotiated drug and data availability for trial implementation from Genentech (TNKase) and Aventis (Lovenox)

Other business collaborations (investments)

Fellowship program investment funding

European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Thrombosis Working Group

Fellowship of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS)

Medco Coordinated Pharmaceutical Care alliance with American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA)

Consulting advisory and Partnering outreach for Sci-Fluor, a venture-backed platform chemistry company