Business Development Experience


Key member of:

Millennium team for evaluation, negotiation, and subsequent integration of Cor Therapeutics merger

Millennium team negotiating divestment of INTEGRILIN

Millennium team evaluating Celgene, The Medicines Company, Esperion, Scios, CV Therapeutics, Corgentech, Encysive, Ventavis, Cotherix and Genentech TNKase/Activase line

Merck Coordinated Pharmaceutical Care (CPC) team acquiring Sysdeco, a Swedish Clinical Decision Support Software provider (subsequently served as Chairman)

Medical Marketing Group team evaluating and negotiating acquisition by Merck

Integration team following acquisition of Medco by Merck

Medco team acquiring physician prescribing software from Vectis

Medco Behavioral Care Corporation team acquiring and ultimately managing Control Diabetes Services (CDS)

MEDED team evaluating merger with Medical Marketing Group

MEDED team evaluating acquisition of IN VIVO publication from The Wilkerson Group

Ayerst team evaluating and analyzing American Home Products acquisition of A.H. Robins

Business start-up

Geppetto Avatars, Inc. in capacity of CBO

SciFluor Life Sciences, LLC, in capacity of CEO

Heartscape technologies,Inc. in capacity of CEO

MEDED Canada (in capacity of US CEO with Canadian President of subsidiary)

Marketing partnerships

Key member of leadership and governance team for Millennium-Schering-Plough US co-marketing of INTEGRILIN

Negotiated and managed GSK deal for INTEGRILIN marketing rights for European market

Senior leadership role on MSD (Merck) UK Coordinated Pharmaceutical Care (CPC) partnership with Reuters

Managed MSD (Merck) France CPC merger with Cider Sante´ (clinical software provider)

Key member of Merck-Medco team conceptualizing, negotiating and implementing Medco disease programs with Wyeth-Ayerst (JV-women’s health), Pfizer (depression), Schering-Plough (asthma, hepatitis), Eli Lilly (diabetes), Boehringer-Ingelheim (COPD), and Astra-Merck (GI disease)

Key member of Merck-Medco team negotiating broad disease management and clinical development alliance between Medco, Merck and Glaxo (not finalized)

Negotiated J & J-Merck partnership with Medco for smoking cessation program implementation through Medco mail service pharmacies

Negotiated Medco partnership with American Home Products Whitehall-Robins division for Advil patient education program

Negotiated case management relationships for Medco with Health Care Compare and Med-E-Systems/Advance MD